Friday, 15 April 2011

Less Bustle than necessary..

As the war rages on between skateboarders and Bmx'ers, it seems that people grow, and so do attitudes thus allowing peace talks to begin..

As sides reconcile, and everyone becomes accepting of each others deficiency be it '2 Wheels' or '4' peace again spreads across the land and the lost generation finds serenity so everyone is happy..

For now..


The once baron and desolate setting of the King George V playing field now plays host to a new battleground.. a well shaped, less than superbly executed mecca of extreme sports!!!!!

With lines, ledges and lips,

A whole host of hedges, hubbas and hips.

For people to play,workout and Chill.

But Everyone is helpful, If someone takes a spill.

The end...


Bikes, Bluebells and Bumps a' mud..

Im pretty sure at whatever hour you decide to read this paragraph, someone will be digging at bluebells, especially this coming weekend; so much, time effort, mud and man-power has been invested in getting the spot to the stage it is at now.

This weekend will be the ultimate push, the sprint for the finish line at the end of a marathon, or last dregs residing in a less than cold pint glass.

Most of the lines seems to be running at a fairly good standard, and yet there is still more to do.
The perfectionist approach to each of the 50 or so landings, take offs, roll ins and bomb'oles makes for a set of trails that really shine above the rest in the local area.

And with summer peeking its big, bright beautiful head round the corner they couldn't be taking shape at a better time.

So with that in mind..

"Here comes the Summer sun"

Friday, 8 April 2011

Rayleigh Take 2..

A few shots from this evening, majority of time spent was nattering and having a laugh,
but inbetween the gassing i managed to fire off a few shots mainly of Scott Kerchel doing some flippy hoohaa doolally on the hip.

(real name to come)

But for now..

Rayleigh Skatepark Finished.. ish..

A spur of the moment trip, inspired by an unexpected text, through a friend of an acquaintance; eventually culminating in the phone call that i received.

The skatepark has been long anticipated, and as can be seen from a few post previous, has been taking shape nicely, with much of the concrete set, and
ledges, smoothed off the park was set for a superb opener.

A hoard of skateboarders, BMX'ers and Scooter er er erss litter the park, and seem almost caged in by the huge fences still looming over the perimeter of the plot where the new skatepark is situated.

All in all a couple of hours proved to be ideal to get some shots in the awesome sun that managed to soak the pale skins of the hibernating riders/ skaters and onlookers alike.

Im venturing back there now. so by the time you've read this i'll have a whole load more photos. for some late evening perusing.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Canvey Sessions all of the day and all of the night..

Canvey' skatepark has been a long term project, and if you aren't a consistent local you're going to be greeted by the unpredicted and random sprouting of new obstacles, ramps and basically whole parks, on the huge expanse of black 'cheese grater' asphalt sprawling along the flat plateau that is canvey Island.

The Park, situated behind the leisure centre continues to pull in a plethora of riders, from the train lines that weave in amongst the pockets of civilisation, littered around the suburbs of south east essex.

A great deal of the pilgrims to the 'wind tunnel' often decide to conquer the journey without the 'aid' of national express opting use their young blood and energiser bunny stamina to cycle back and forth from this and the many other parks that are now littered along the thames estuary. 

It seems we are blessed, sun, sea, trannies (of the ramp kind) cafe's all along this stretch and they often bring a good turnout of both riders, skaters and for every one of these it seems a dozen scooters make the trip too.

Without too much of the latter here is a selection from two sessions at the windy, shiny, slippery, shreddery? haven.

Riders featured : Sonny Pope, Jamie Dalzell, Scott Donovan, Jack Mason, Mike Kirkby.

One note.. Sonnys screamy angry face, really conveys the 2 pinch flats he got whilst throwing the 180 bars seen to the left.... We all feel for your tubes man. .. R.I.P..