Sunday, 26 September 2010

A late Summer Session at Canvey.

Here we go then, the blog is up and basically there will be a gradual increase in images and videos as the days turn to weeks and weeks to months.

This first post is to just see how the images look on the page and then building up the workload eventually getting to the footage....

Clip by Clip i have gathered 'alot' of footage from the past year pretty much a year to this day actually.. some has been stored some has been edited and others put out for viewing.

This blog is gonna showcase all that as well as more projects i'm working on from scene reports, interviews, books, exhibitions, trips and more.

Mikey D


This little outing as most was a spur of the moment textathon... After getting through to jack we crammed a bike, a camera bag, a few stands, a crutch and the 2 of us in a less than colour coded mini.

The day was looking pretty bleak in fairness, and in comparison the the day before it may have well been midnight. With the sun just giving the clouds a horrible glare, and the wind speeding through the whole skatepark. Things could have been a little better... but nonetheless people flocked to what was to be a pretty wicked session.

Being broke off for about a month now with my knee, its been more than pleasant to jump in anyones car to have a peek at what's going down round the corner.

Within 20 mins of arriving, everyone who was flocking to the windy sheet metal mecca that is Canvey had settled in, padded up, rolled up, and got the session going.

For now here are the photos. from that day, every so often the videos will be put up for your entertainment.....