Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Friends, Fun and Fortunes..

Tucked away in amongst the dazzling lights and indistinguishable sounds of the arcades and amusements which over power all the senses, there sits an un-assuming pub, with a few picnic tables outside it, this pub, that seems to lack a voice and a presence over the vibrant and gaudy establishments that are littered along the strip comes alive and in to its own from time to time, but not with the sound of arcade games, or the metallic woosh of a win on the 2p machines.

It comes into its own as a platform, a venue, a stage for local bands to scream, shout, sing and to shred, but most of all, to be heard.

Friday was no exception, local act 'Fortunes' had been there all evening waiting for their time, then at 10.30 it came...

Its been a long time coming thats for sure, and since meeting with Rob and Jon nearly 2 months ago i've been itching to photograph the up and coming local band, with a date booked well in advance the suspense has been increasing. 

(Even my cameras been pining to shoot some live music, so of course i had to oblige it and shoot this momentous occasion.)

Although it's been a while since my last gig, its been even longer since i returned to Southend-on-Sea's 'Chinnerys', the venue is as important to Southend as its Pier, High-Street, Unusual inhabitants and stretch of beach all put together.

And here is why.

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