Monday, 13 June 2011

Boys, Birds, Beers, Burgers and Fire...

A late post, with a fairly extensive gap since the last. For which I apologise.
It has been busy of late with editing, shooting, designing, filming, and a whole host of other creative tasks.

This post however has somewhat of a contrast to this hectic schedule and strict regime.

On the night of the 21st may a call was made, this call was to 'tan man' others may know him as Mr Rob Woodford, and the premise of the call? It was to ascertain the details of a sweet little shindig to take place on a stretch of a river cutting through our beautiful S.E. Essex landscape.

The details were arranged, bevvies were packed and along with some food and my camera me and jamie made the trip into the deepest darkest depths of canewdon. (with the help of keeley, Thank you)

The beautiful setting couldn't have had a better atmosphere, with some old faces and some new ones for good measure it was great to catch up and relax around an open fire on a warm and peaceful summers evening.

As more and more alcohol was consumed and the darkness crept in, everyone was getting ready for the climax of the evening, a celebration, but not just any celebration. A Birthday, the birthday of 'tucker', soon to be 22 upon the stroke of midnight.
With this age in mind Tom spoke out of a prophecy, one that could change the course of the universe and cause ripples within the space time continuum... (or just make for a good photo, the previous sounds a little bit more exciting though, i'm sure you'd agree)

Prophecy? Prophecy you say, i speak of a planetary alignment, when Tom, Rob, Al, and Will, become a timeline of ages. 20, 21, 22, 23, and when this takes place, a huge bottle of Rum must be consumed.

The rest im sure remains in the attendees minds, thoughts and memories.

For those who couldn't make it. Heres some photos to gander at.

Enjoys the post and enjoy the sun wherever  it may rear its big, beautiful, round face.

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