Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pure Pool Pumping Pleasure..

Think the title says it all.... There was so much hype and mystery surrounding the Nike Pool, from the teasers that spoofed dated sitcoms and the echoing game of Chinese whispers which let only created more and more creative ideas and a heightened sense of anticipation.

A few months on and the POOL has reared it's big, blue , beautiful face. The Setup looks incredible and rides better than words can describe im sure..

If your reading this, you may be fully aware of the carnage that went down in finals on saturday, from the Blue Falcon' well deserved best trick/ line, to the variety of styles of riders that managed to utilise every last piece of the course.

This time round Nike again left the ramps for the public to ride, but this time for a limited time of just a month.. not to bad considering the quality of the ramps your going to ride.

The first night that pool was open to the public go heaving pretty quickly and drew in a ton of riders, from far and wide. With alot of great riding going on it seemed alot of riders felt the urge to see what all the talk was about, and i can be sure no one was dissapointed.

In amogstt the barrage of riders turning up, there were some new faces and some old, but what I do know is there was too many to name.

But ill have a go anyway .. thanks to Matt Paine, Tom May, Paulo Carvalho, Jamie Dalzell, Gareth Wilson, Jack Clark, Scott Donovan, Luke Duffy and anyone else who i forgot.

A great session with a great bunch of riders

Thanks again to Nike for giving back to the community and letting us ride such an awesome and unique spot..

3 dub whip
3 invert
oppo whip

no hander hip

checking shoe size
Glenn Woods (dude)

downside double peg
3 no hander
lofty 3
oppo whip
3 no hander
3 table

no hander
waiting x2


  1. siiiick flicks dude.
    funnily enough the guy whose name you forgot is called Glenn Woods and is a mate of mine!

  2. Thanks for that!! Ill sort that out now.
    Was a brilliant night, glad u like the shots. If you get the chance get down there cos the park is well worth the trip.

  3. No worries dude! Yeah I can imagine, would love to get up just a bit of a mission...my mate millers heading up this arvo for a private session but doubt i'll make it...off to France soon! Shame cos it looks awesome!

  4. loving the colours too, real 70s vibe.

  5. Two names missing...Sam Anderson & Charlie Allen ...We done a 250 mile round trip for the boys 1st visit ...great action all day & some awesome riding... ;-p
    (Sam's dad, the frustrated spectator)... !