Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Money, Motors, and Cinnamon Donuts..

I suppose as exciting as the title sounds, being in a windy field on a sunday afternoon doesnt fit everyones bill for a relaxing weekend adventure.. BUT! ( and that was a big but, capitals and everything) It was theee best way to start out Sunday morning, the sun was out in full force, and just when it was getting too much the clouds would start there shift giving the farmers tans a lil break, and allowing everyones skin to recuperate.

As usual the drive to Battlesbridge was lovely, whizzing through country lanes and taking the scenic route is always recommended. Upon arriving it was obvious the place was heaving, parking up in the complete opposite direction of all the action, even before crossing the bridge you could smell the petrol in the air, and the hot donuts fuelling the car banter.

With so much to feast the eyes on and add to an ever increasing wish list of cars the selection of classics was incredible, from Rat-Rods to Capri's, and Corvettes to Rolls, as well as a good handful of minis and motorbikes anyones taste would be catered for.

Amongst the stand out cars for me were a few of the American classics, such as the big red Chevvy Truck, whose details are featured in the photos below also a beautiful Coupe De Ville caught my eye.

On the British front there was a enormous amount to gander at, from as early as 1920's rolls and upto some guy who brought along a Jaguar from 2002 or something..... not so classic to be fair.

A great deal of the british cars made it into the winners circle, one of the being a gorgeous Jensen, a Jag E-type and a Race ready Mk1 Escort.

On the photo front it was a brilliant curve ball, and I cant wait for the next gathering of petrol heads and classic motors.

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