Sunday, 15 May 2011

Snow in May, with a hint of shredding...

Amongst all the intertwining wires and plugs i managed to pull free the batteries from the grasps of the charging unit, so after loading up my flashes and camera with power I jumped on my bike and began my voyage to Romford.

Just squeezing through the sliding guillotines that are the national express doors, i make myself at home and listen to some classic fleetwood mac, which has gotta be some of the best travelling music to date.

Rom has always had somewhat of a mystical ora, down to its age, its history, and along with so many lines, ramps, bowls, and precariously placed obstacles, its ability to keep anyone busy is unrivalled.  With that in mind when i arrived there was a plethora of household names padding up and getting ready for a session at was has to be one of the best parks in the U.K.

Let the shred-fest begin, From 4-8 so much great riding went down, from outrageous games of bike on the new 6ft mini, to the loftiest alley-oop 270 foot-jam as well as getting the chance to witness some huge boosts on the wedge quarter perched on one of the many banks that litter the park.

The locals were holding their own, and taking lead in a few trains to show some of the guys the ropes.

Over the course of the day, more and more people came and went, but the session was constantly buzzing, im sure alot of what went down may have gone under the radar, but so much on offer where ever you looked you'd witness something worth "yoooo'ing"

On top of the great gathering of 20" toting pro's a good Ol' slice of the BMX media turned up too, a wicked selection of the best the industry has to offer, with Fat Tony and Stew Johnson holding it down for the states, and Eisa Bakos and George Marshall doing it for the Limey division. 

The day proved to be fantastic, a good chance to meet more dudes that all share the some love and drive to ride BMX, and gave me the opportunity to start on a new series of portraits. 

So without further adieu here they are...

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